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A muscle, especially in the forearm, that effects or assists supination.
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(ˈsuːpɪˌneɪtə; ˈsjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy the muscle of the forearm that can produce the motion of supination
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(ˈsu pəˌneɪ tər)

a muscle in the forearm that rotates the radius outward.
[1605–15; < New Latin; see supinate, -tor]
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Noun1.supinator - a muscle (especially in the forearm) that produces or assists in supinationsupinator - a muscle (especially in the forearm) that produces or assists in supination
muscle, musculus - one of the contractile organs of the body
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(11-13,15) Interestingly, all of the studies agree about the footprint of the two distal insertions: the tendon of the long head lies in a more proximal, lateral position and dives deep to a more posterior location on the radial tuberosity to function as the primary supinator. Meanwhile, the tendon of the short head lies more distal, anterior, and slightly ulnar, functioning primarily as a forearm flexor.
Biceps, Triceps and supinator jerks were done on upper limbs and patellar and ankle jerks from lower limbs and motor power is evaluated by MRC grading.
In the muscle strength measurements of the patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis carried out with HHD, it was found that there was a moderate negative correlation between the shoulder extensor, elbow flexor, elbow supinator, and wrist extensor muscle strengths and LEFS scores (p<0.05, Table 2).
It is the most powerful supinator muscle and most important flexor muscle of the forearm.
While the deep branch innervates the supinator, forearm and hand extensor muscles, the superficial branch goes down to the hand dorsal [6] and branches into the dorsal digital nerves in the proximal interphalangeal joint of the middle finger, thumb and index finger.
Supination Supinator. Table 2: Stimulation parameters for each subject and target movement.
Exercises are necessary to enable practice of active supination and to retain the functional length of supinator muscle.
In the elbowjoint, it acts as a flexor and as a supinator, especially at 90[degrees] elbow flexion [1-3].
These muscle bellies were separated proximally and Supinator muscle was visualized.
El musculo supinador (supinator), unipenado, se origino por un pequeno tendon en el ligamento colateral y epicondilo lateral del humero y se inserto en la cara dorsal del radio, en proximal al musculo pronador teres.