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1. Of, relating to, or being an economic theory holding that increased availability of money for investment, achieved through reduction of taxes especially in the higher tax brackets, will increase productivity, economic activity, and income throughout the economic system.
2. Of or relating to the supply of a good or service, as opposed to the demand for it: Drought and other supply-side problems are driving up the price of corn.

supply side n.
sup·ply′-sid′er n.


of or denoting the hypothesis in economics that reduced taxes will stimulate investment and economic growth.
Compare demand-side.
supply′-sid`er, n.


[səˈplaɪˌsaɪd] ADJ supply-side economicseconomía f de oferta
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com)-- The all new dJAX Supply Side Platform (SSP) provides a quick and effective solution to online publishers.
Summary: Any supply side surge in the US accompanied by wage gains could change the status quo
OptiBiotix Health plc, a life sciences business developing compounds to tackle obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and skin care, announces it plans for a US launch of LPLDL, its cholesterol and blood pressure lowering product, at Supply Side West in Las Vegas, on 27-28 September 2017.
Global mobile advertising platform Mobfox is making a new offering on its Supply Side Platform (SSP) that integrates audience data directly, allowing DSPs to access this data through a single integration with Mobfox, the company said.
The supply side, meaning the drug lords who are either the wholesalers or retailers dealing with pushers and their cohorts.
According to the company, the RFP is open to all technologies, including supply side and non-supply side resources.
Therefore, this rise in WPI inflation has to be attributed to supply side constraints in the agricultural side.
The supply side response to address electricity shortages has been to commission new power plants.
LEP calls for a 'bottom up' approach to tackle development and law issues at two levels: the demand side (right holders) and the supply side (service providers/duty bearers).
On the supply side the five key issues that need to be addressed for unleashing India's growth potential have been identified as -- the quantity and quality of physical infrastructure, skill shortages in its bulging population, faltering agriculture and consequent high food inflation, fiscal inflexibility to spend on health, education and physical infrastructure, and a governance deficit.