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1. Of, relating to, or being an economic theory holding that increased availability of money for investment, achieved through reduction of taxes especially in the higher tax brackets, will increase productivity, economic activity, and income throughout the economic system.
2. Of or relating to the supply of a good or service, as opposed to the demand for it: Drought and other supply-side problems are driving up the price of corn.

supply side n.
sup·ply′-sid′er n.
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of or denoting the hypothesis in economics that reduced taxes will stimulate investment and economic growth.
Compare demand-side.
supply′-sid`er, n.
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[səˈplaɪˌsaɪd] ADJ supply-side economicseconomía f de oferta
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If new demand for services is to be met, however, existing supply-side disincentives to entrepreneurship must be eliminated.
The most resolute champion of supply-side economics is Jude Wanniski, a fon-ner editorial writer for The Wall Street Journal and the force behind Forbes's candidacy.
That's why the time for supply-side reforms is now.
"For a brief and wonderful moment," writes Frum, "supply-side economics held out the hope of limiting government in a way that offended nobody.
The paper's editorial page had practically set the table for the supply-side feast, and it remained a key forum for Republican policymakers and conservative intellectuals throughout Bush's term.
There is even some supply-side Bible analysis in Bartley's book: He suggests that the "seven fat years" originally described in Genesis ended because Joseph, who had prophesied them, shook down all of Egypt for most of its money and goods.
On supply-side effects, Powell concurred there could be increased capital expenditures over time were there changes in the tax code.
He said that the government will announce a medium-term economic framework in next week, where further supply-side measures will be taken to further boost exports and investments.