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1. Of, relating to, or being an economic theory holding that increased availability of money for investment, achieved through reduction of taxes especially in the higher tax brackets, will increase productivity, economic activity, and income throughout the economic system.
2. Of or relating to the supply of a good or service, as opposed to the demand for it: Drought and other supply-side problems are driving up the price of corn.

supply side n.
sup·ply′-sid′er n.


of or denoting the hypothesis in economics that reduced taxes will stimulate investment and economic growth.
Compare demand-side.
supply′-sid`er, n.


[səˈplaɪˌsaɪd] ADJ supply-side economicseconomía f de oferta
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Although Rhonheimer robustly defends capitalism against many unjust criticisms, he defends a substantial government role in the economy and redistributive principles that will not cheer "flat tax" supply-siders in the US fiscal debate.
Supply-siders blundered in the past decade by repeatedly contending that "deficits don't matter" and assuming that we could grow our way out.
As to the tax cuts, the lowering of marginal rates, especially from the high rates that had existed before, was what supply-siders saw as crucial for incentives.
Internationally, it's probably fair to say that the supply-siders have carried the argument in spades.
The Club--an eight-year-old coalition of supply-siders that helped elect such anti-tax politicians as Rep.
Mitt Romney: Assembled well-known team, mainly supply-siders who include architects of George W.
As much as the Fed chief sided with the tax-cutting supply-siders, he writes, "the tax rises of 1982, 1983, 1990 and 1993 infuriated the supply-siders, but had Greenspan's blessings.
Supply-siders always seem to see tax cuts as the answer: Corporations, when able to retain more net profits via lower marginal tax rates, have more to invest, and hence of their own initiative will spur the economy.
Supporting Reagan's tax rate reductions was a movement of economists add journalists called supply-siders.
The supply-siders worry about the large areas of waste and inefficiency in the economy--over-employment in the service sector, especially.
The economic assumptions of that plan had been dramatically revised at the last moment despite the noisy protests of the monetarists (Meltzer and Rutledge) and the supply-siders (Kudlow, Roberts, and I).
I was one of the original supply-siders with Jack Kemp,'' Lungren said.