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Noun1.supporting players - a cast other than the principals
cast, cast of characters, dramatis personae - the actors in a play
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No sooner had Bell appeared on the stage than his supporting players, each in his turn, received his cue and took part in the action of the drama.
There are some funny supporting players sharing their campsite who enhance the festie vibe.
Under the agreement, the Aspire Academy will prepare and develop players at both academic and technical levels within the National Fencing Programme, which is divided into three stages: exploring Qatari talent, sponsoring them and supporting players during the competitions to achieve global levels.
Voight is just one of the accomplished actors better known for playing leading men now finding meaty roles as supporting players on TV.
The ACA and Cricket Australia (CA) have worked hard on educating players about health and well-being and supporting players and their families over the last decade with several initiatives, including an annual two-week 'visitors period' where touring players have their families travel and stay with them for free for a fortnight.
Yet Priestland persisted in kicking away possession downfield without finding touch or giving his own supporting players a chance to challenge for high balls or pressure the return run/kick.
Andrew's Road, Darren Tordoff, inclusion officer for Kirklees Council's disabled children team, said: "This exciting new club gives children who enjoy playing football the opportunity to be coached by professionals who have experience of supporting players with additional needs."
She and her co-star take full advantage of a fantastically strong script, as do supporting players like Philip Bosco and Peter Friedman.
PESHAWAR, May 31, 2011 (Frontier Star): Deputy Speaker Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Khushdil Khan Advocate underscored the need for promotion of sports and for supporting players as peace was gradually returning to the province due to effective measures of the government.Nations that has its playground filled, has its hospitals empty, he said while addressing the concluding ceremony of Annual Badhber Cricket Champion ship final on Monday.
In the 48th minute Blues should have scored when Christian Benitez slipped Shoot in and although he jinked to the side of the 'keeper with the goal at his mercy, he laid the ball back only to find the supporting players had just gone ahead of him.
But there are also the charming bonuses of excellent supporting players in the shape of James McAvoy, his missus Anne Marie Duff , Kerry Condon and Paul Giamatti.
Supporting players happily sign their own death warrants by telling anyone who will listen, preferably the stepfather, that they know he is a charlatan and intend to expose him.

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