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Furnishing support or assistance.

sup·por′tive·ly adv.
sup·por′tive·ness n.


[səˈpɔːtɪvlɪ] ADV [act, behave] → con actitud de apoyo
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In an astonishing twist of fate, Anne and Bobby Coburn were able to wave supportively to each other as they were wheeled into separate theatres for triple bypass and lung tumour removal procedures respectively.
Engaging with our communities and community- based organisations has highlighted huge amounts of valuable work going on in communities and ambitions to do more; there are many opportunities for public sector organisations to get behind this and find ways to work more supportively and collaboratively with communities in neighbourhoods and across the city.
Sample Report Access Source Technological innovation along with development of auto driving and self-steering systems in tractors will supportively influence the penetration of equipment.
Contrary to what opponents of the Bill say, police and social workers are clear that if the law changes they would respond to someone raising a concern about a child in exactly the same way as they do now - proportionately and supportively.
Your mother accepts them supportively, then gets intimidated and puts them in the closet.
Emily Mortimer simply stands around supportively, trying to do as little damage as possible.
The clash of rival heads of state was mirrored in the tension between members of the high command; late in the war, Eisenhower wrote supportively to Devers with news of a fourth star, while continuing to nurture a grudge against him.
Toews has spoken supportively of Colliton from Day One.
We will have to work more closely and supportively with Commonwealth countries - the emerging economies in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
In the light of that generations-deep rejection, one is left to wonder whether the contemporary end point, as Kennedy supportively writes, "more accurately [constitutes] the 'reformulation of an existing ethnic identity' than it does creation of a brand new [one]" (333).
with love." Debbie and Ron's two teens, played by Austin Filson and Disney starlet Olivia Holt, are merely tasked with smiling supportively at their parents.
Aisam and Aqeel very supportively met with senior sports journalists and thanked them for their all-out support for them as well as for Pakistan tennis.