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Inability to recover its distribution infrastructure investment on a timely manner or regulatory supportiveness deteriorates such that DP&L's FFO adjusted leverage sustains above 5.
Her ability to mentor those around her created an atmosphere of growth and supportiveness, and her guidance was valued highly by her colleagues.
These contrasting patterns suggest a potential downside to mothers' supportiveness of children's negative emotions for third-grade children's social adjustment in school.
Supportiveness (helpfulness, championing, comforting, self-control)
Nevertheless, we now consider that there is a one-in-three chance that within the next two years, we will revise our assessment of government supportiveness to supportive from the current highly supportive.
Again, the average of each team member's responses was used to determine each team's reported level of supportiveness of "team training climate.
Prime among these are staff friendliness, supportiveness and demonstration of a good level of knowledge and clinical skills.
However, they evaluate their wives' to be supportiveness and involvement similarly to the fathers of healthy children".
Janssen's (2005:573) study "showed that supervisor supportiveness moderated the relationship between employees' perceived influence in the workplace and their levels of innovative behavior".
How to address and strengthen a family's cohesiveness and supportiveness based on the culture of the military branch and unit, as well as deal with family problems that arise as a result of PTSD.
In the enforcement panel, Ceresney said it's a "great time to be in enforcement" due to the supportiveness of Mary Jo White as chairwoman and the other commissioners.