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tr.v. sup·pressed, sup·press·ing, sup·press·es
1. To put an end to forcibly; subdue: suppress a rebellion. See Usage Note at repress.
2. To curtail or prohibit the activities of: suppress dissident groups.
3. To keep from being revealed, published, or circulated: suppress evidence; suppress a film.
a. To deliberately exclude (unacceptable desires or thoughts) from the mind.
b. To inhibit the expression of: suppress anger; suppress a smile.
a. To restrain the growth, activity, or release of: suppress a virus; suppress a hemorrhage.
b. To inhibit the expression of (a gene): suppress a mutation.

[Middle English suppressen, from Latin supprimere, suppress- : sub-, sub- + premere, to press; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

sup·press′ant n.
sup·press′i·ble adj.
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tending to suppress or restrain an action or condition
(Medicine) a suppressant drug or agent: a cough suppressant.
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(səˈprɛs ənt)

a substance that suppresses an undesirable action or condition: a cough suppressant.
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Noun1.suppressant - a drug that suppresses appetitesuppressant - a drug that suppresses appetite  
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
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[səˈpresnt] Ninhibidor m
appetite suppressantinhibidor m del apetito
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n (Med) Medikament zur Unterdrückung bestimmter Körperfunktionen appetite suppressantAppetitzügler m
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n supresor m; appetite — supresor del apetito
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Fire suppressant company GelTech Solutions Inc (OTC Markets:GLTC) reported on Tuesday the launch of an exclusive distribution agreement to sell its FireIce in China.
It is also said to be an afterglow suppressant and to help reduce the amount of toxic fumes and/or smoke during combustion, and to impart uv stabilization to films, coatings, and plastics.
Maximize, the newest line, includes the appetite suppressant Maximize Hoodia500 with Green Tea, which is made with 100% South African Hoodia Gordonii 20:1 extract.
McElroy is that although these two trials have convinced her that sibutramine is first-line pharmacotherapy in BED on the basis of its efficacy and tolerability, she can't prescribe the appetite suppressant except with great difficulty because in Ohio it's a scheduled drug.
Natrol has also launched Appetite Intercept[TM], which acts as an appetite suppressant and includes ma huang, caffeine, tyrosine and phenylalanine.
In a regulatory filing, Thermo Fisher disclosed that on June 26, an overheated component in an HVAC unit set off a fire suppressant system at one of Thermo Fisher's data centers.
The number of plants that have been accepted as a useful cough suppressant by different societies is immense.
Perimeter Solutions will integrate Solberg's global operations within its existing manufacturing and sales ecosystem to expand its global technology and supply position in fire suppressant foam technology.
To address this presumption, gastric acid suppressants are often administered, despite the fact that there is no evidence that cats with CKD have reduced gastric pH nor that cats diagnosed with CKD derive any benefits from gastric acid suppressant therapy.
Sibutraine is an appetite suppressant and the active ingredient in Meridia, an FDA-approved drug prescribed for obesity.
Using private risk capital, 10 Tanker's research and development of a suppressant tank system for a modified DC-10 aircraft to create modern jet-powered aerial fire-fighting capability took five years.