suppurating sore

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Noun1.suppurating sore - a sore that has become inflamed and formed pus
sore - an open skin infection
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It's longer in miles, yet shorter because of scant traffic, but there's a sign on this route put up by a local podiatrist--it's actually a billboard that shows a picture of a suppurating sore at the tip of a toe.
Closing the News Of The World is merely putting a bandage on top of a suppurating sore.
Land's End is less a merry-olde-England burg than a suppurating sore on the flesh of the country, and when Britain itself is invoked, it's in for some ironic abrasion: "The glorious history of our Nation flashed before my eyes like a ten-second condensation of Masterpiece Theater."
Rubbish isn't so much a blot on our beautiful landscape as a suppurating sore.
Instead of pursuing the will-o'-the-wisp of Rice's "solid geopolitical foundations", Washington would be far better advised to withdraw from Iraq, engage diplomatically with Iran and devote itself - with will, fairness and consistency - to resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict before that suppurating sore, which has poisoned every relationship in the region, explodes in its face.