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1. The formation or discharge of pus.
2. Pus.

sup′pu·ra′tive adj.


(Pathology) causing suppuration
(Pathology) any suppurative drug
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Adj.1.suppurative - relating to or characterized by suppuration
nonsuppurative - not suppurative


a. supurativo-a, rel. a la supuración.


adj supurativo
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lymphadenopathy versus complicated suppurative BCG lymphadenitis) possibly require different types of management.
While we believe that early treatment decreases suppurative complications, there is no good data on the impact of early treatment on decreasing suppurative complications.
Contrary to suppurative sialadenitis, it generally results from surgical and other invasive procedures; aseptic sialadenitis can develop because of contrast media involving iodide, and does not require specific treatment.
Available data, though limited, suggest topical quinolone antibiotics are better than systemic antibiotics for chronic suppurative otitis media, according to a new Cochrane review of treatments for the condition.
1) Between 1970 and 1997, numerous articles appeared in the Russian literature, and in 1999, another was published in this country, exploring the use of negative pressure for managing suppurative (pus exuding) wounds.
These sore hocks, also called suppurative pododermatitis, have complex causes.
This condition, called suppurative otitis media, is sometimes treated with antihistamine-decongestant medicines in addition to antibiotics.
FLOXIN(R) Otic will be particularly beneficial to children 1-12 years of age with tympanostomy tubes who develop middle ear infections (acute otitis media with tympanostomy tubes) and patients 12 years and older who suffer from middle ear infections associated with perforated eardrums (chronic suppurative otitis media).
Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is defined as a perforation of the tympanic membrane, with persistent drainage of pus from the middle ear, lasting at least six weeks.
Bronchiectasis is one of the pulmonary inflammation diseases, typically presents with chronic cough, suppurative sputum production, and airway dilation.
Chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) is an infection characterized by recurrent middle ear discharge through a persistent tympanic membrane perforation, which can be managed at the primary health care level thereby preventing the development of deafness and even fatal complications.