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1. The formation or discharge of pus.
2. Pus.

sup′pu·ra′tive adj.


(Pathology) causing suppuration
(Pathology) any suppurative drug
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Adj.1.suppurative - relating to or characterized by suppuration
nonsuppurative - not suppurative


a. supurativo-a, rel. a la supuración.


adj supurativo
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Background: Chronic suppurative otitis media is one of the most common otological problems in developing countries.
Histopathological diagnosis include acute appendicitis 250 (52.0%), suppurative appendicitis 135 (28.0%) acute gangrenous appendicitis 60 (12.5%), perforated appendicitis 9 (2.0%), chronic appendicitis 12 (2.5%).
After detail search author found only 44 cases of neonatal suppurative parotitis in the literature in the last 44 (1970- 2013) years.1-4 Most of the cases were male(77%) with involvement of unilateral parotid gland (77%).
This has been suggested by Tshifularo et al., [8] who found adenoid pathology, cervical lymphadenopathy and chronic suppurative otitis media to be the top three manifestations at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.
In these cases, various combinations of suppurative and granulomatous necrosis were identified.
Electric disruption of erythrocyte membranes and their microviscosity were defined in patients with acute suppurative form of CP in numerous bilateral kidney stones--in 30 patients, with acute serous form of CP--in 31 cases, with unilateral single kidney stones at stage of chronic CP exacerbation--in 34, with latent form of CP with single and numerous kidney stones--in 70 patients.
The stimulated node is often referred to as "reactive." Ongoing and untreated infection may eventually result in necrosis of the node leading to suppurative adenitis.
KEYWORDS: Chronic suppurative otitis media, Depression, Hearing loss, Pure tone audiometry.