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1. The formation or discharge of pus.
2. Pus.

sup′pu·ra′tive adj.


(Pathology) causing suppuration
(Pathology) any suppurative drug
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Adj.1.suppurative - relating to or characterized by suppuration
nonsuppurative - not suppurative


a. supurativo-a, rel. a la supuración.


adj supurativo
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The most common severe adverse events related to BCG vaccination are nonsuppurative and suppurative lymphadenitis.
We used a questionnaire to evaluate the subjective impression of the patients' caregivers concerning the degree and characteristics of the CR (complete, partial, or no resolution and suppurative or watery rhinitis), with an emphasis on comparing symptoms before and after surgery.
Chronic suppurative pneumonia/lung |abscesses OFTEN seen in mature tups, it is difficult to identify by examination alone.
Pathology results showed necrosis and suppurative mixed inflammation.
The incidence of acute otitis media is several-fold higher in SSA than in the rest of the world, and SSA has the second-highest incidence of chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM).
Suppurative myocardial infections commonly related to native or prosthetic valves or perivalvular structures.
However, there are some exceptions to these criteria when patients presents with previous history of acute otitis media or as a suppurative complication of CSOM such as mastoiditis and sub-periosteal abscess [4, 6].
pneumonia more than 10%, immune-compromised patients, and those with severe infection (fever higher than 102[degrees] F, systemic toxicity, or at risk for suppurative complications) are at increased risk for ABRS due to resistant organisms.
Pyomyositis (PM) is a primary suppurative infection of the skeletal muscle which (1) was initially found in the tropics but is increasingly seen in temperate areas.
Peter Evans, from the West Midland Modern Pentathlon Association, said: "Dame Kelly was so suppurative and encouraged them to reach for their goals.
In these cases, various combinations of suppurative and granulomatous necrosis were identified.
Suppurative inflammation of vas deferens: an unusual groin mass.