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a.1.(Anat.) Situated above a condyle or condyles.
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The SP is also known as the supracondyloid process, supratrochlear spur or the supraepitrochlear process.
The terms "supracondylar process" and "supracondyloid process", were separately used for the search process.
Finnegan (1978:25) observes the supracondyloid process (SCP) as a "bony process arising from the medial supracondylar ridge 5-7 cm above the medial epicondyle ...
The supracondyloid process is a small bone spur originating on the supracondylar ridge above the medial epicondyle.
Basically, Nannospalax differs from Spalax by the presence of supracondyloid foramina above the occipital condyles of the skull, two enamel islands on the chewing surface of the third upper molar (M3), three rooted upper molars, and the anterior surface of the upper incisors has two longitudinal ridges (Nehring, 1898; Ellerman, 1940; Ellerman and Morrison-Scott, 1951; Topachevskii, 1969; Mursaloglu, 1979; Nevo et al., 1988; Coskun, 1994).
The ligament of Struthers was first described as a fibrous band extending from the supracondylar (supracondyloid) process or spur on the anteromedial aspect of the humerus downwards to the medial epicondyle [7] which occurs in <2% of humans.
(54) At this or some earlier period, the great artery and nerve of the humerus ran through a supracondyloid foramen.