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Of or relating to the portion of the shore just above the high-tide line.


(ˌsu prəˈlɪt ər əl)

1. of or pertaining to the region of a lake or ocean shore that is above the shoreline but is often damp from spray or capillary action of the water.
2. a supralittoral zone or region.
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Abbreviated development of Armases miersii (Grapsidae: Sesarminae), a crab that breeds in supralittoral rock pools.
Infra and middle strata were composed of coarse sand, whereas medium sand prevailed at the supralittoral levels.
The Entophysalidetea comprises the marine photophytic algal vegetation on hard substrates in lower supralittoral and upper parts of eu-littoral level.
Molecular phylogeny of euglyphid testate (Cercozo: Euglyphida) suggests transitions between marine supralittoral and freshwater / terrestrial environments are infrequent.
Morphodynamics and habitat safety in sandy beaches: life-history adaptations in a supralittoral amphipod.
ABSTRACT: The malacological collection of Outeiro Redondo showed the predominance of rocky substrate species and tidal levels between supralittoral zone and upper and middle levels of mediolittoral zone.
As noted previously, these fishes would have been procured from a wide variety of habitats in close proximity to the site, ranging from nearshore (seaward reef flats, lagoonal patch reefs, lagoonal sand flats, littoral and supralittoral pools) to offshore (sea walls and surge channels) areas.
Life in the supralittoral fringe: Microhabitat choice, mobility and growth in the tropical perwinkle Cenchritis (= tectarius) muricatus (Linneaus, 1758).
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Transects extended from the supralittoral to the sublittoral zones to allow all macroalgac present to be sampled.
Although coastal wolves will supplement their diets with marine mammal carcasses and other foods occurring in supralittoral zones, the contributions of these foods to the annual nutritional budgets of coastal wolves are currently unknown.