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1. Consisting of more than one molecule.
2. Of greater complexity than a molecule.
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(ˌsuːprəməˈlɛkjʊlə; ˌsjuː-)
1. (Chemistry) more complex than a molecule
2. (Chemistry) consisting of more than one molecule
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(ˌsu prə məˈlɛk yə lər)

1. more complex in organization than a molecule.
2. composed of an aggregate of molecules.
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Therefore, the synthesis of aromatic carboxylic acid ligands is one of the research hotspots in coordination chemistry and supramolecular chemistry [4-6].
Cucurbiturils: Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry and Applications
Ziylo is a supramolecular chemistry company that has developed a third 'biomimetic' class of glucose binding molecules (GBMs).
The basic structure of the Slide-Ring material is the supramolecular networks comprised of nano-sized "necklace" supramolecules called polyrotaxane with crosslinking points of bonded molecular necklaces or molecular necklaces with other polymers.
With this information, supramolecular chemist Rein Ulijn of the City University of New York and the University of Strathclyde developed an approach to producing gels on the basis of combining small building-block molecules that spontaneously form a network of nanosized fibers, the concentration of which could be tuned to adjust the stiffness of the resulting gel.
Abstract: A supramolecular approach is described to self-healable polymer nanocomposites that are mechanically robust and capable of restoring simultaneously structural, electrical, dielectric and thermal transport properties after multiple fractures.
"Some of the nanoscale compartments contain rigid conventional polymers, but others contain the so-called supramolecular polymers, which can respond rapidly to stimuli, be delivered to the environment and then be easily regenerated again in the same locations.
Nanotechnology is science, engineering and technology involving matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale, said the companies.
The second ingredient of the self-healing hybrid gel is a metal-ligand supramolecular gel.
Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale.
Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: Supramolecular Aspects of Solvent Extraction; Volume 21