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Adj.1.supranormal - beyond the range of the normal or scientifically explainable; "supernormal intimations"
paranormal - not in accordance with scientific laws; "what seemed to be paranormal manifestations"
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Supranormal IDUA enzyme expression in peripheral blood, with the first patient treated achieving levels 10 times above the normal range and stable over time up to 12 months post gene therapy.
at 591-93 (describing the modern legal view of goodwill as "a constellation of intangible assets which generate supranormal earnings and excess value").
Romantic tradition holds that the equestrian endures such hardships with stoicism, a perceived supranormal tolerance to pain, and unyielding demand for perfection against ever-changing competitive conditions (Meyers et al., 2001; Meyers & Laurent, 2010b; Pearson & Haney, 1999).
at 40 n.233 (describing Dawson as involving "supranormal relevance scrutiny"); Nickerson, supra note 6, at 859 n.76 (same).
The intention is that the CIT should tax the normal and supranormal return to capital, while the SPT should only tax the supranormal return, the rent.
A repeat test confirming total recovery was not considered necessary, because the supranormal ACTH response implied imminent recovery and the 11DOC result was approaching normality.
Supranormal renographic differential renal function in congenital hydronephrosis: fact, not artifact.
These animals respond to GnRH challenge by normal or supranormal release of LH.
Plasma ACTH often remains markedly raised despite normal or even supranormal glucocorticoid treatment.
In humans, an early study observed that three infant girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (a condition characterized by supranormal adrenal androgen exposures in utero) all had AGD ratios above the 95% confidence limit, as established based on measurements in 115 healthy infant girls (Callegari et al.
Relationship between supranormal oxygen tension and outcome after resuscitation from cardiac arrest.