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Located above the orbit of the eye: the supraorbital ridge.
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(ˌsuːprəˈɔːbɪtəl; ˌsjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy situated above the orbit
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(ˌsu prəˈɔr bɪ tl)

situated above the eye socket.
[1820–30; < New Latin]
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Adj.1.supraorbital - located or occurring above the eye socket
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-- Supraorbital nerve stimulation led to complete resolution of chronic neuropathic facial pain in almost a third of patients treated at Northwestern University over 10 years, with another 24 of 40 patients obtaining at least 50% relief of long-standing symptoms, Robert Levy, M.D., reported at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.
Morphological characteristics of the cranium (prominent supraorbital ridges, rugose nuchal area, blunt supraorbital margins, and square chin) and metric analysis (femur midshaft diameter, Black 1978) indicate that this individual is male.
Por el compromiso de la rama frontal de la division oftalmica del V par craneal afectando sobre todo los nervios supratroclear y supraorbital.
Severe or very severe unilateral orbital, supraorbital, or temporal pain lasting 15 to 180 minutes if untreated
A microwire electrode was inserted into the dorsal ramus of the anterior lateral line nerve, which innervates the supraorbital and infraorbital lateral line (3).
In late 1999, Vadhana Subhavan and Somsak Pramankij, researchers from Thailand's Sood Sangvichien Prehistoric Museum and Laboratory, found four pieces of frontal bone, discovered to be 500,000 to 1 million years old, that are the upper part of a supraorbital ridge from a skull.
4A): Loosely covered by carapace; carapace armed with long acute rostrum and two pairs of supraorbital spines; rostrum present and exceeding eye; eyes stalked.
The sites of the primary melanoma in these 9 patients are summarized as follows: auricular region in 2 patients, temple region in 2 patients, conjunctiva in 2 patients, supraorbital region in 1 patient, left cheek in 1 patient, and temporal scalp in 1 patient.
facial trochlear optic phrenic axon dendrite occipital hypoglossal frontal mandibular nasociliary ophthalmic tibial laryngeal hillock bouton median splanchnic hypogastric femoral genitofemoral plexus pudendal myelin trigeminal abducens oculomotor vagus glossopharyngeal vestibulocochlear accessory auricular maxillary lacrimal supraorbital ethmoidal peroneal endoneurium synapse ganglion antebrachial acetylcholine ramus iliohypogastric subcostal obturator ilioinguinal oligodendrocyte nerve astrocyte
In addition, EOG (electrooculogram) recordings were obtained using two Beckman mini-electrodes, placed at the outer canthus and supraorbital positions of one eye.
Your supraorbital nerve is closest to the surface in your head here.