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a. supratentorial, que ocurre encima del tentorio.
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Topografia de 41 cavernomas encontrados en 30 pacientes en el estado de Paraiba, Brasil Localizacion Numero de pacientes Porcentaje del total Supratentorial 29 70,73% Frontal 17 41,46% Temporal 8 19,51% Parietal 2 4,87% Occipital 2 4,87% Infratentorial 9 21,95% Puente 4 9,75% Mesencefalo 2 4,87% Cerebelo 3 7,31% Medula 1 2,43% Profundos 2 4,87% Nucleos de la base 1 2,43% Talamo 1 2,43% Tabla 4.
The patients had 30~60 mL of supratentorial hemorrhage, 5~13 points of GCS score, grade II~IV consciousness disorder, and history of hypertension.
While doing such procedures there is a chance to violate and go to supratentorial compartment if the burr holes are not appropriately placed.
The study included both infratentorial ependymoma that arises in the lower part of the brain, as well as rarer supratentorial ependymoma, which arises in the upper part of the brain.
(5) described the occurrence of seizures in the first 14 days of CVT as acute symptomatic epilepsy (ASE) in their meta-analysis and observed ASE in patients with altered consciousness and focal neurologic deficits and with supratentorial lesions.
Volume of ventricular blood is an important determinant of outcome in supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhage.
Objectives: To determine the functional outcome in patients with supratentorial intracerebral hemorrhage after surgical intervention.
The incidence after supratentorial craniotomy has been reported to be 100% (6, 7).
On the whole, CCMs were observed in 77% in the supratentorial area and in 23% were subtentorial lesions.
Feasibility Trial of Optune for Children With Recurrent or Progressive Supratentorial High-Grade Glioma and Ependymoma.
The most frequently affected brain area in these patients was the brain stem (12/13), particularly the dorsal part of midbrain, followed by basal ganglia (6/13), thalamus (6/13), cerebellum (5/13), and supratentorial white matter (2/13).
(1,2) The CBT site is more commonly supratentorial than infratentorial.