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Of, relating to, or capable of staining living cells after their removal from a living or recently dead organism: a supravital dye.


(Pathology) (of a stain) relating to living tissue outside of the body


(ˌsu prəˈvaɪt l)

pertaining to or involving a staining method for a preparation of living cells.
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Se ejecuto a traves de dos metodos diferentes: la tecnica de eosina/nigrosina (14) y la combinacion del colorante supravital azul tripan con el contraste interferential diferencial (5, 11).
[17] Thenceforth a number of methods and stains were used to demonstrate field cancerization like supravital staining with toluidine blue, [18] vital staining with iodine [19] and special stains like AgNOR.
The haematologists concluded that the methylene blue had entered the circulation and behaved in a similar fashion as a new methylene blue supravital stain, staining the reticulocytes in vivo.
When this is requested, an aliquot is mixed with a supravital stain before the slide is produced, stained, and imaged.
Heinz bodies, whether in peripheral blood smears or in urine sediments, will not be seen unless a supravital stain like crystal violet is used (1, 2).
[6] CSGMT (The Collaborative Study Group for the Micronucleus Test), "Micronucleus test with mouse peripheral blood erythrocytes by acridine orange supravital staining: The summary report of the 5th collaborative study by CSGMT/JEMS.MMS" Mutation Research, 278: 83-89(1992).
En el caso del porcentaje de espermatozoides vivos, se obtuvo realizando una tincion supravital con eosina-nigrosina, donde los espermatozoides muertos se tineron de rojo y los vivos no presentaron tincion (Hafez, 2002).
The NRU cytotoxicity assay procedure is based on the ability of viable cells to incorporate and bind neutral red, a supravital dye.
The NR cytotoxicity assay is based on the uptake and lysosomal accumulation of the supravital dye, Neutral Red.
Some, such as haemoglobin H inclusions and Heinz bodies can only be appreciated with supravital staining [14].
A cross sectional study was conducted to compare the FNAC smears adequacy by toluidine blue, a supravital stain (TBS) and Papanicolaou stain (PAPS).