supreme authority

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Noun1.supreme authority - someone with the power to settle matters at willsupreme authority - someone with the power to settle matters at will; "she was the final arbiter on all matters of fashion"
expert - a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully
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Holland, in which no particle of the supreme authority is derived from the people, has passed almost universally under the denomination of a republic.
"If a single member should attempt to usurp the supreme authority, he could not be supposed to have an equal authority and credit in all the confederate states.
It was well for the small servant that she was of a sharp, quick nature, or the consequence of sending her out alone, from the very neighbourhood in which it was most dangerous for her to appear, would probably have been the restoration of Miss Sally Brass to the supreme authority over her person.
But to judge what is best- conscription or the militia- we can leave to the supreme authority...."
There had been no time to choose a new chief from among their own number, and, in fact, so remarkably successful had they been under the ape-man's generalship that they had had no wish to delegate the supreme authority to another for fear that what they already had gained might be lost.
I have parliaments who sit and judge in my name, and I have scaffolds on which supreme authority is carried out."
There were plenty of people to help, but of course the young lady who should go down as governess would be in supreme authority. She would also have, in holidays, to look after the small boy, who had been for a term at school--young as he was to be sent, but what else could be done?--and who, as the holidays were about to begin, would be back from one day to the other.
This movement of religious change was met in its early stages by the very interesting reactionary 'Oxford' or 'Tractarian' Movement, which asserted the supreme authority of the Church and its traditional doctrines.
Yet with these severer traits of physiognomy, there was mixed somewhat striking and noble, arising, doubtless, from the great part which his high office called upon him to act among monarchs and princes, and from the habitual exercise of supreme authority over the valiant and high-born knights, who were united by the rules of the Order.
Moy) has pronounced that law to be good--and the decision has since been confirmed by the supreme authority of the Hous e of Lords.
This emphatic He was the supreme authority, the Marine Superintendent, the Harbour-Master --a very great person in the eyes of every single quill-driver in the room.
In a republic, those who exercise a supreme authority tempered by fraudulent elections.

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