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1. Greatest in power, authority, or rank; paramount or dominant.
2. Greatest in importance, degree, significance, character, or achievement.
3. Ultimate; final: the supreme sacrifice.

[Latin suprēmus, superlative of superus, upper, from super, over; see uper in Indo-European roots.]

su·preme′ly adv.
su·preme′ness n.


 (so͝o-prēm′, -prĕm′)
1. A rich sauce made with chicken stock and cream.
2. A dish made or served with this sauce, especially the breast and wing of chicken or other fowl.
a. A sherbet glass with a large bowl.
b. A dessert served in such a glass.
a. A container, such as a glass bowl, used for serving cold food in an inner container that nestles on crushed or cracked ice.
b. Food served in such a vessel.

[French, supreme, suprême, from Latin suprēmus, supreme; see supreme.]
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Adv.1.supremely - to the maximum degree; "he was supremely confident"
بصورةٍ سامِيَه أو عَظيمَه


[sʊˈpriːmlɪ] ADV [confident, important, elegant] → sumamente
she does her job supremely wellhace su trabajo a la perfección or sumamente bien
he is a supremely gifted musicianes un músico de extraordinario talento


[suˈpriːmli] adv [confident, well, gifted, important] → suprêmement


adv confident, self-satisfied, indifferentzutiefst; important, elegantüberaus; supremely giftedhochbegabt, überaus begabt; she does her job supremely wellsie macht ihre Arbeit außerordentlich gut


[sʊˈpriːmlɪ] advestremamente, sommamente


(suˈpriːm) adjective
1. the highest, greatest, or most powerful. the supreme ruler.
2. the greatest possible. an act of supreme courage.
suˈpremely adverb
supremacy (suˈpreməsi) noun
the state of being the greatest or most powerful. How did Rome maintain her supremacy over the rest of the world for so long?
the Supreme Court noun
the highest court of law in (a state of) the USA and many other countries.
References in classic literature ?
A fitting end, this, to a life of usefulness and crime - in a last outburst of an evil passion supremely satisfied on some wild night, perhaps, to the applauding clamour of wind and wave.
supremely happy because the duke's majordomo, the same that had acted the part of the Trifaldi, had given him a little purse with two hundred gold crowns to meet the necessary expenses of the road, but of this Don Quixote knew nothing as yet.
And especially that I am hostile to the spirit of gravity, that is bird- nature:--verily, deadly hostile, supremely hostile, originally hostile
Never in his life had he felt so supremely at his ease with one of the opposite sex.
It was not only, as it had been hitherto, that she was not supremely occupied with him, but that she had seen him under circumstances in which he might appear not to be supremely occupied with her.
The half hour he had with her, before they went in to dinner, left him supremely happy and supremely satisfied with life.
Now I WAS, I said to myself, face to face with the elements, and for much of the rest of the day, while I fought my weakness, I could consider that I had been supremely rash.
I hold myself supremely blest--blest beyond what language can express; because I am my husband's life as fully is he is mine.
Among our still more modern and dashing young gentlemen -- who are extremely averse to superfluous effort and supremely indifferent to the purity of their native language -- the formula is still further curtailed by the use of "to feel" in a technical sense, meaning, "to recommend-for-the-purposes-of-feeling-and-being-felt"; and at this moment the "slang" of polite or fast society in the upper classes sanctions such a barbarism as "Mr.
I have often been sorry since, for it would have made known to me many phases of life that I have always remained ignorant of, but I did not know then that life was supremely interesting and important.
He had not breathed a word of love, or dropped one hint of tenderness or affection, and yet I had been supremely happy.
Altogether everything was supremely amusing and jolly.