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 (so͞ok, sho͞ok)
Variant of souk.


(Physiology) a variant spelling of souk1


or suk or suq

(suk, ʃuk)

(in North Africa and the Middle East) a market or marketplace.
[1920–30; < Arabic suq]
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The Muharraq Municipal Council wants to turn the open air Old Muharraq Suq into a covered structure, create a pedestrian zone around the market and offer municipal land to the private sector to build multi-storey car parks.
And if all that wasn't enough, Suq also went all out on the dessert front with over 18 different homemade ice creams and a crepe station as well.
This figure is seen as the heir of the ancient Hellenic agoranomos who had been adopted in oriental Hellenistic civilization (the rabb suq in pre-Islamic Palmyra) and whom the Muslims made their own.
Manama Suq stands as a symbol of long-standing trading heritage," he said, stressing the need to revitalise the market so that it could regain its status as a crucial pillar of the national economy.
The AIC is located in the Alternative Information Center in Beit Sahour, close to Suq Sha'ab (follow the sign to Jadal Center).
The Manama Suq branch unveiling coincided with the beginning of Ramadan.
Dato' Yusli Mohamed Yusoff, Chief Executive Officer of Bursa Malaysia said, "We are honoured to have this innovative platform recognised as it further cements our commitment in making Bursa Suq Al-Sila' the choice platform for financial institutions seeking financing and liquidity management tools.
Earlier, Nassiriya Local authorities imposed a curfew on the southern city as a precaution against any possible acts of violence after the events occurred in Suq al-Sheiokh district last night," Lieutenant-Colonel Sadeq al-Musharafawi, Nassiriya police spokesman, told VOI.
The move follows a massive blaze that damaged 10 shops in the old Manama Suq on December 27, leading to hundreds of thousands of dinars in estimated losses.
12 (BNA): As part of the Kingdom's Eid Al Adha celebration, the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) kicked off a fun-filled "Eid Surprise" event at the heart of Manama Suq.
Another trader and senior BCCI official, who would not be named, suggested that traders in the Manama suq should come together and launch promotions and special offers to attract people to the area in the next few weeks - particularly during the race weekend.
The Sukuk is structured as a Murabahah Sukuk using Crude Palm Oil as the Murabahah commodity to be traded trough Bursa Suq Al-Sila'.