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sur·based 1

Having a surbase.

sur·based 2

Of or being an arch having a rise less than half its span.

[From French surbaissé, past participle of surbaisser, to flatten : sur-, intensive pref. (from Old French; see sur-) + baisser, to lower (from Old French baissier, from Vulgar Latin *bassiāre; see abase).]


1. (Architecture) having a surbase
2. (Architecture) (of an arch) having a rise of less than half the span
[C18: from French surbaisser to depress, from sur- (intensive) + baisser to lower, from bas low; see base1]
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Initial investigation revealed that Bedolido and Cagas had a falling out and the journalist later became a columnist of the weekly Davao del Surbased Kastigador, which carried exposes against the governor's administration.
They allegedly detained for hours their Lanao del Surbased victims at the police station after taking P2 million cash from them.