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1. using the hands with skill and confidence; dexterous.
2. done with or displaying skill and proficiency.
sure′-hand′ed•ly, adv.
sure′-hand′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.sure-handed - proficient and confident in performance; "promising playwrights...sure-handed enough to turn out top-drawer scripts"
skilled - having or showing or requiring special skill; "only the most skilled gymnasts make an Olympic team"; "a skilled surgeon has many years of training and experience"; "a skilled reconstruction of her damaged elbow"; "a skilled trade"
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The sure-handed infielder missed time from April 14 through May 25 with a calf injury, which also hampered him during spring training.
And it is clear that the Iranian youth are as vibrant as ever, with aspirations and ambitions that match their peers the world over, their perspective broadened by a sure-handed use of social media and a dynamic spirit.
His two catches for 50 yards included a 36-yard sure-handed grab on the fly.
Drew's arrival is not good news for Red Sox shortstop prospect Jose Aglesias, the sure-handed 22-year-old who hit only .
Jones, directed by the sure-handed Jose Zayas, runs at the New Ohio Theatre in New York City Dec.
Meltzer's known for his sure-handed right-side play and serves, especially after his hip and knee transplants.
However that streak has a fair chance of being broken With fellow sure-handed receiver Roddy White and a solid running game, the value lies with the Falcons, who could win this outright.
Kennith Smith's sure-handed guidance has been instrumental in the growth and prosperity of our organization," said George Gleason, the bank's chairman of the board and chief executive.
AION will stabilize the assets and begin to increase value through strong local relationships and sure-handed asset management.
Backed by the sure-handed roots band Ollabelle, White insists he's "done turning diamonds into coal" and proclaims, "I'll never fit in, so why should I try?
Normally, the offense will be giving the ball to sure-handed players.
But it was his sure-handed return to presenting last year's Brit Awards that reminded a forgetful public why we liked him so much.