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1. using the hands with skill and confidence; dexterous.
2. done with or displaying skill and proficiency.
sure′-hand′ed•ly, adv.
sure′-hand′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.sure-handed - proficient and confident in performance; "promising playwrights...sure-handed enough to turn out top-drawer scripts"
skilled - having or showing or requiring special skill; "only the most skilled gymnasts make an Olympic team"; "a skilled surgeon has many years of training and experience"; "a skilled reconstruction of her damaged elbow"; "a skilled trade"
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The multiple crises facing the Catholic Church over several decades are not easy to trace, yet Helmick sure-handedly addresses the major fault lines in the Church and why it has weathered the crises in such a defensive posture.
I remember Michael Riffaterre sure-handedly connecting the
Sweet Land of Liberty deals with black employment far more sure-handedly. Between the late 1940s and the late '60s, cities such as Detroit and New York lost hundreds of thousands of blue-collar manufacturing jobs, and "over the course of the 1960s, government became the single most important employer of African Americans in northern cities." Thus, "government became the most important vehicle for the expansion of the black middle class" and by 1995 "more than half of all black professionals worked in the public sector."