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Noun1.surface fire - a forest fire that burns only the surface litter and undergrowth
forest fire - an uncontrolled fire in a wooded area
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He said that eruption of surface fire in the forest areas under (chir) pine trees was a natural phenomenon, which though was harmful for biodiversity, yet clearing the surface of litters (grass, leaves, etc) had a positive impact as it helped allowing ground contact to the fallen seeds of pine trees for germination.
The McCain only had 7 of its certifications lapsed, though its crew failed to fulfill its cruise missile and surface fire support requirements for over two years.
Finkenaur stated that "The (railgun) can be used for naval surface fire support where there is a need to launch hundreds of nautical miles downrange, or it can be used for shorter-range engagements and anti-missile defences."
In the case of forest-tundra and south-taiga, only the surface fire scenario was accounted for investigation.
"This EPA order requires swift action by the parties to ensure that the risks of a surface fire, and the effects of any potential surface fire, are greatly reduced," said Mark Hague, EPA Region 7 administrator.
These are mostly surface fire and effect mainly undergrowth and young trees.
"It continues to exhibit very large fire growth due to extremely dry fuels and inaccessible terrain," the park service authorities said in the ( latest fire update , on 24 August, "Fire behaviour was very active today with very rapid rates of spread, running surface fire, torching, passive crowning and long range spotting occurring in most all areas of the fire."
Mainly the observations on surface fire impact to vegetation of pine forest ecosystems were presented in European hemiboreal forest zone (Zackrisson 1977; Marozas et al.
Next, he served as the Naval Surface Fire Support section head in the Surface Warfare Division of Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV N86).
Because it was just a surface fire it only took the fire brigade a couple of minutes to put out the fire.
Yet conversion of multi-story, multi-species forests into monoculture, even-age plantations effectively has eliminated the possibility of beneficial surface fire from the landscape.

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