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Verb1.surface mine - extract (ore) from a strip-mine
mining, excavation - the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth
mine - get from the earth by excavation; "mine ores and metals"
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Mines Restoration Limited has appointed Banks to carry out the work at the Mainshill Surface Mine, located to the east of the town of Douglas.
Fuel producer CONSOL Energy (NYSE:CNX) stated on Friday that its Wiley Surface Mine in Mingo County, W.Va.
Muskeg River is a truck-and-shovel surface mine. The oil sands lie close to the surface and contain a high concentration of oil, ideal conditions for surface mining.
Quest Energy anticipates several years of coal production from the Razorblade surface mine.
A SERIES of geological investigations into the physical make-up of the site of a proposed new surface mine in Northumberland has started.
DISADVANTAGED youngsters got inspiration for their futures at a North surface mine.
Carry out the work at the Mainshill Surface Mine, which is located to the east of the town of Douglas.
The Absaloka Mine, a 15,000-acre single pit surface mine complex located near Hardin, Montana, was recognised in the Large Mining category.
Republic Energy LLC's Workman Creek Surface Mine in Raleigh County has been honored with the Barton B.
Employability charity Tomorrow's People set up T a visit to Shotton surface mine, near Cramlington, for a group of young people from nearby areas to enable them to find out how people developed their careers at the site.
In 2008, one of the most complete Iron Age settlements to be excavated in the North East, which comprised approximately 50 roundhouses in an enclosed two-hectare area, was unearthed at Banks's now-restored Delhi surface mine on the Blagdon Estate near Seaton Burn.
A North East mining firm, Banks Mining has been awarded a contract with Mines Restoration Ltd, a subsidiary of the Scottish Mines Restoration Trust, to carry out maintenance work at the Mainshill Surface Mine, the site of a former surface coal mine in South Lanarkshire.

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