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Noun1.surface soil - the layer of soil on the surfacesurface soil - the layer of soil on the surface  
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
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He constructed his cabin of small logs about six inches in diameter, stopping the chinks with clay which he found at the depth of a few feet beneath the surface soil.
'Clouds also block winds and because winds will start flowing after the rain, the additional moisture on surface soil adds to the chill,' an official of the met office said.
Their topics include archaeological sciences: approaches and methods, surface soil survey in an archaeological context: the Kazanlak Geoscience Project, spatial variability in surface artefact distributions in the Yambol study areas, and excavation and palaeo-dietary analysis of Bronze Age human remains from Boyanovo in Yambol province.
Dug-out holes revealed a compacted layer beneath the first few inches of surface soil which was causing waterlogging.
Soil samples from two depths (0-10 cm, surface soil) and (10-20 cm, subsurface soil) were collected randomly from all the sites during January 2014 just before the vegetation was slashed and burned (BB).
These underground cavities or spaces grow over time until it becomes too much for the surface soil to bear and it caves in.
Researchers from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, in a recent study collected 150 surface soil samples randomly from five e-waste work areas in Aba, Abia State.
In most cases, slides on mountain slopes are caused primarily by the slip of surface soil. In engineering construction, plant slope protection technology is used widely as a reinforcement method.
Although growth parameter in terms of MAID showed moderate positive correlation with surface soil penetration resistance, there was a poor correlation between survival and growth parameters (MAIH and MAIV) with RLI (Table 4).
However, the lower N content at 15 to 30 cm depth of BGR60 can be attributed to greater dissolved organic C which may stimulate denitrification below the surface soil.
However, surface soil temperatures were remarkably lower than deeper soil layers.

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