surface-to-surface missile

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sur·face-to-sur·face missile

n. Abbr. SSM
A missile launched from land or sea at a target that is also on the earth's surface.
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A successful warhead test moves Raytheon's DeepStrike[R] surface-to-surface missile closer to its first flight test later this year.
And here's another Iranian surface-to-surface missile if you're interested in seeing some detailed lift-offs:
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that two rebels were killed in the clashes on the outskirts of the town, which was also targeted by a surface-to-surface missile as well as artillery shelling.
The surface-to-surface missile was test fired as part of a user trial by the Indian Army and a regular monitoring exercise by DRDO scientists.
According to reports, the surface-to-surface missile was test fired from a mobile launcher at about 9.14 a.m.
A defence sources said that the surface-to-surface missile was test-fired from a mobile launcher in salvo mode from launch complex-3 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) on Monday morning, according to Press Trust of India (PTI) .
"This new missile, which has been equipped with a surface-to-surface missile system, exits the atmosphere after being launched, re-enters it at high speed, and completely destroys the target vessel or warship".
Islamabad: Pakistan on Monday conducted a "successful test fire" of short-range surface-to-surface missile, Hatf-IX, which can carry atomic warheads and defeat all known anti-tactical missile defence systems, the military announced.
The test firing of the surface-to-surface missile, which has already been inducted into the Indian armed forces, was a users trial by the army's specialised group strategic force command, the channels said.
The surface-to-surface missile, which was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, is a naval variant of the Prithvi ("earth") missile built as a part of India's ambitious integrated guided missile development programme.
The solid-fuel Sajjil-2 surface-to-surface missile is a new version of the Sajjil missile, which Iran said it had successfully tested late last year with a similar range..

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