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Of, relating to, or occurring on or near the surface of the earth.


(Geological Science) relating to the surface of the earth


(sərˈfɪʃ əl)

of or pertaining to a surface, esp. the land surface: a surficial geologic deposit.
[1890–95; sur (face) + (super) ficial]
sur•fi′cial•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.surficial - pertaining to or occurring on or near the earth's surface; "a surficial geologic deposit"
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And Jaroslav had some nice thumbnails and miniatures from the Julcani district, Huancavelica, showing equant, translucent yellow-brown (though surficially frosted) rhombohedral crystals of siderite to 2 cm perched on subhedral chalcopyrite crystals.
To examine the effects of changing levels of reduction on point form, the Index of Invasivenss (II) (Clarkson 2002a) is used to measure the coverage, both laterally and surficially, of retouch scars found on points.
That might be a surficially reasonable argument, but what if the objecting competitor's discharges have led to existing water quality problems?
For example, as stated above, a competitor whose discharges led to the degraded water quality in a common receiving waterbody may have a surficially valid claim, and thereby claim protection under Friends and Fern Growers.
In January and February 1998, we deployed three broadband seismic instruments: a borehole seismometer, a sensor buried surficially in the sediments, and a sensor resting on the seafloor.
Bob recognized that the surficially altered sample, which he had found in the gravel scree, could have come from nearly anywhere upslope.
Ranging in weight from a few grams to a kilogram or more, the nodules are surficially oxidized and have a bronze patina.
peridot) occur; Dudley says that it is Sumput Nala (Nala = "River" or "Creek"), near Dasu (one S), Kohistan, Northwest Frontier Provinces.(*) The crystals are euhedral, usually slightly rounded and surficially frosted, and wedge-terminated to somewhat tabular, occasionally in an altered serpentine-like matrix but usually loose.