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The waves of the sea as they break upon a shore or reef.
v. surfed, surf·ing, surfs
1. To engage in surfing.
2. Informal To look at a variety of things casually, especially while browsing the internet or television channels.
a. To ride on or along (a wave) on a surfboard.
b. To engage in surfing at: had never surfed Malibu Beach.
2. Informal To browse (the internet or television channels, for example).

[Origin unknown.]

surf′er n.
surf′y adj.


adj, -fier or -fiest
resembling surf


(ˈsɜr fi)

adj. surf•i•er, surf•i•est.
abounding with, forming, or like surf.
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It's a celebration of all things surfy, skatey and musicky with a bit of food and drink thrown in for the craic, and features the best Irish music and a few of international mid-hitters.
Maybe it's the surfy laid back vibes that draw me to this place, but they honestly do make a mean Cali double cheese burger.
All that and weekly nuggets from P-Stone's surfy lens make him a genre-defying fave amongst the hardcore young and old (and older).
Esme said: "Right now we're feeling more creative than ever and are continuing to write some more surfy, garage tunes.
El grupo "Iaiaia" pertenece al estatus socio-economico mas alto; la mayoria de ellos jovenes que viven para el surf, trabajan en la industria de surfy gestion de eventos.
Joining the two bands on stage will be solo artist Euan Lynn, who makes Lo-fi surfy garage punk with a Game Boy and guitar and is inspired by the likes of The Ramones, 60's surf rock and a misspent youth involving video games and skateboards.
Or if your taste is more for the surfy look Hang Ten or Roxy offer those bright colourful summery fashion pieces.
He found such peace in the simplistic utilitarianism of the Amish lifestyle that he even shed his long, surfy, blond tresses and got himself a bowl-cut like Jonathan - a follicular sacrifice that moved his host to silent tears.
"It's hard to be objective about how it turned out, but it's quite adventurous visually, it's got the feel of a spaghetti Western and the soundtrack is very surfy."
"Last night Bobb got a really crazy cocktail at the Cheesecake Factory called the Flying Gorill," Her album, recorded and carefully produced this past winter with Lewis Pesacov (of Fool's Gold and Foreign Born), is a collection of lovesick pop songs drenched in Wall of Sound harmonies, fuzzy guitars and simple, surfy hooks, Entering the studio with a cast of influences in mind--The Strokes, Aretha Franklin's gospel, Ringo's early Beatles beats, Lindsay Buckingham's guitar work--Cosentino and Bruno have slayed a sound that's cotton candy meets overflowing ashtray.