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n. pl. surgeonfish or sur·geon·fish·es
Any of various brightly colored tropical marine fishes of the family Acanthuridae, having a laterally compressed body with one or more sharp erectile spines near the base of the tail, and often kept in home aquariums. Also called tang.

[From its lancetlike spines, which resemble surgeons' instruments.]
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n, pl -fish or -fishes
(Animals) any tropical marine spiny-finned fish of the family Acanthuridae, having a compressed brightly coloured body with one or more knifelike spines at the base of the tail
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Noun1.surgeonfish - brightly colored coral-reef fish with knifelike spines at the tailsurgeonfish - brightly colored coral-reef fish with knifelike spines at the tail
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
Acanthurus chirurgus, doctorfish, doctor-fish - surgeon fish of the West Indies
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Functional groups that composed more than 10% of the catch per gear type were included: for example, over this time span, 23% of the targeted browsers (e.g., unicornfishes [Naso spp.]), 12% of the target grazers (most surgeonfishes [Acanthurus spp.]), and 37% of the roving piscivores (e.g., jacks) were caught by gill-net fishing; therefore, we added the estimates of biomass from the visual surveys for those 3 groups for the calculation of q for gill-net fishing.
Acanthuridae are a monophyletic fish family composed of about 80 species, popularly known as surgeonfishes or tangs [1].
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More than two thirds of the assemblage by NISP is made up of just four families: parrotfishes (l) (Scaridae), surgeonfishes (Acanthuridae), wrasses (Labridae), and emperors (Lethrinidae).
Below them, the thicket of what obviously was once a spectacular coral world is now choked in velvety algae and aswarm with the herbivorous species of parrotfishes, surgeonfishes, rabbitfishes, blennies, damselfishes, mollusks, and sea urchins.
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