surgical dressing

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Noun1.surgical dressing - a loosely woven cotton dressing for incisions made during surgery
medical dressing, dressing - a cloth covering for a wound or sore
gauze, gauze bandage - (medicine) bleached cotton cloth of plain weave used for bandages and dressings
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pi coul b "He even showed me the surgical dressing on his side after having treatment.
Surgical dressing of both open and closed wounds is based mainly on tradition, training and the surgeon's own philosophy.
During the exercise, the King witnessed the evacuation of the newly arrived injuries at a 26-bed surgical dressing station, which was introduced into service recently and includes admission and classification rooms, two operating theaters, an intensive care unit, intensive admission and evacuation sections.
As well, Covalon is also the only provider of a dual antimicrobial silicone adhesive surgical dressing called SurgiClear, which is designed to protect surgical incisions by helping to prevent infections and medical adhesive skin injuries, while providing total incision site visibility to the healthcare provider.
'Also included was antibiotic redosing at 3 hours and intraoperative maintenance of temperature above 36[degrees] C." The postoperative phase includes maintenance of a surgical dressing for 24-48 hours.
If you notice that your surgical dressing is loose or wet, or it hasn't been changed recently, let your caregivers know.
* nonadherent Owen silk strips for surgical dressing (Tyco Healthcare Group; Mansfield, Mass.)
Doctors have also performed the colostomy procedure to divert stool, and to carry out surgical dressing of her perineal injuries.
Its balsamic oils have been used to treat fresh wounds as a surgical dressing since Biblical times, and hot teas made from the plant can induce sweating to help speed up recovery from cold and flu symptoms.