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 (sə-rē′mē, so͝o-)
Minced, processed fish used in the preparation of imitation seafood, especially imitation shellfish.

[Japanese : suru, to process, mash + mi, meat.]


(Cookery) a blended seafood product made from precooked fish, restructured into stick shapes
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All in all, Golden Alaska Seafoods was pleased with the performance of Westfalia Separator's new NCA 458, which satisfied its need for operator-friendly equipment that allows it to produce the highest-quality surimi with minimal product losses.
The 21 percent drop in the value of Alaska seafood exports for 1993 was the result of drastic declines in salmon and surimi prices, but also reflects lower crab exports due to lower catches and higher demand for Russian crab in Japan and the United States.
The resulting fish paste was referred to as surimi (Nishiya et al., 1961), and it is used to produce processed foods for human consumption.
To date, whiting is used for three basic products: the headed-and-gutted fish sold in retail markets, fillets, and surimi, a value-added product used in imitation seafood items, most notably imitation crab meat.
Mutual Interest Transactions Inc., a leading food importer has decided to make New Jersey the home of its state of the art surimi seafood manufacturing plant.
Then again, who needs the real thing when you can have surimi, the crab substitute made of inexpensive pollock?
What remains is a light-colored, gelatinous paste the Japanese call surimi. The rinsed fish paste is mixed with sugar and sorbitol (to hold moisture in the fish; it's a substance that is about 1/3 less sweet than sugar), then frozen.
Starch is an important ingredient in surimi seafood products since it would affect textural and physical characteristics of surimi fish protein gels.
I'd usually have prawn cocktail crisps on my "seafood platter" but the resolute blandness of the plain variety allowed me to fully appreciate the bright pink and white joy of my surimi blocks.
Scientists at Oregon State University evaluated the effectiveness of various fat-blocking agents, including rice bran powder and surimi fish protein, when incorporated into the batter mix of batter-breaded fish portions.
A string of studies this year have demonstrated how well they perform in a range of applications, including flavoured sparkling waters, UHT-treated milks, surimi seafood and fruit preparations in yogurts.