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Adj.1.surmisable - capable of being inferred on slight grounds
thinkable - capable of being conceived or imagined or considered
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It is surmisable that when combined Ti[O.sub.2] and g-[C.sub.3][N.sub.4] produce a synergistic effect and effectively enhance the visible light photocatalytic efficiency.
Considering that this sum has been produced by the crudest mining and metallurgical methods, the reward which would follow the proper application of capital, sufficient to operate on a large and modern scale, seems surmisable. All of the known ore bodies are so situated as to permit the development of the three principal groups of the district by one great tunnel with convenient drifts, the course of which could be directed so as to cut the vein at great depth and give backs extending far below the deepest workings so far made, and who can know the new and possibly richer deposits such a work would disclose.
He is content to leave the nonessential unuttered and the surmisable unstated so that the reader's imagination and thought are required to be active, attentive, and participatory.