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v. sur·mised, sur·mis·ing, sur·mis·es
1. To make a judgment about (something) without sufficient evidence; guess: "In another pocket he came across what he surmised in the dark were pennies, erroneously, however, as it turned out" (James Joyce).
2. To say (something) as a guess or conjecture.
To make a guess or conjecture.
An idea or opinion based on insufficiently conclusive evidence; a conjecture.

[Middle English surmisen, to accuse, from Old French surmise, feminine past participle of surmettre : sur-, sur- + mettre, to put (from Latin mittere).]
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Here, there is no surmising. Economic sabotage under Republic Act No.
That's surmising we were all playing on a level field.
ANOTHER bit of misinformation that was corrected this week was Manuel Fernandes's surmising that he wouldn't be eligible to play in the UEFA Cup after completing his loan switch from Valencia.