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Adv.1.surprisedly - in the manner of one who is surprised
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Furthermore, if we read prudently the monograph from head to foot we can surprisedly discover that Professor Fang offers us a great number of literature reviews from the selected fictions to the influential theories, from those overseas writers and critics to the domestic novelists and commenters.
Surprisedly, the shoulder peaks of 100/ 10/5 and 100/10/10 PLA/ATBC/GPOE blends appeared at temperature about 55[degrees]C, it indicated that the compatibility of PLA and GPOE was relatively poor for the 100/10/5 and 100/10/10 PLA/ATBC/GPOE blends.
Despite these latter social drawbacks, Cassandra Austen did succeed in becoming engaged--as Sulloway rather surprisedly admits--and it was not 'custom' which prevented her immediate marriage to the Revd Tom Fowle (pp.