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Noun1.surrenderer - a person who yields or surrenders
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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He created a radical existential approach of "surrender and catch," which "involves a radical existential immersion into concrete reality situating the surrenderer in the 'pure' immediacy of experience and making it necessary to birth new meanings," in the words of editors Backhaus (Loyola College) and Psathas (emeritus, Boston U.
Inspector Jeorge Jacob, acting chief of police in Iguig, said every drug surrenderer deserves to be given the chance to go back to mainstream society and be transformed into a better and productive individual.
It is notable that since our proposal for the ASG surrenderer Comprehensive Reintegration Program, more ASG members now returns to the folds of the law with firearms.
Before drug surrenderer Jack Lord was shot, his brother saw police order nearby stores to close shop.
If a drug surrenderer has been assessed to be mildly-affected, he will be referred to the Municipal Drug Abuse Council or the Barangay Drug Abuse Council to determine the appropriate activities for him be it livelihood or technical skills training, healthy lifestyle practice or clean-up drive.
After 6 months, Cuachon said the drug surrenderer will be turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for after care programs.
Dimaano, police records showed, was a drug surrenderer.
A drug surrenderer was shot dead in Quezon province Thursday night, police said Friday.
Aside from the continuous drug testing, CPADAO is also spearheading the rehabilitation of drug surrenderers.
Drug surrenderers from the villages tipped off to the authorities about the illegal activities of the suspects.
The documentation of surrenderers, taking of mug shots and fingerprint, is voluntary and should not be mandatory for surrenderers.
The poll divides Americans into three categories: Battle Weary (18 percent), who are constantly watching what they eat and worrying about calories; Surrenderers (41 percent), who just eat what they like; and Balanced (41 percent), who mostly have won the nutrition war and try to eat foods that are higher in protein and vitamins.