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tr.v. sur·round·ed, sur·round·ing, sur·rounds
1. To extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle: the magnetic field that surrounds the earth.
2. To enclose or confine on all sides so as to bar escape or outside communication: The police surrounded the house.
1. Something, such as fencing or a border, that surrounds: a fireplace surround.
a. The area around a thing or place: inflammation extending to the surround of the eye.
b. often surrounds Surroundings; environment: "It was the country, the flat agricultural surround, that so ravished me" (Listener).
3. A method of hunting wild animals by surrounding them and driving them to a place from which they cannot escape.

[Middle English surrounden, to inundate, from Old French suronder, from Late Latin superundāre : Latin super-, super- + Latin undāre, to rise in waves (from unda, wave; see wed- in Indo-European roots).]


  • involve - First meant "enfold, surround, wrap."
  • enclave, exclave - An enclave is a group or area different from the surroundings, a secured area within another secured area, from Latin clavis, "key"; an exclave is the same thing, but usually describes a portion of a country separated from the main part and surrounded by politically alien territory.
  • woebegone - Begone in woebegone means "beset" or "surrounded," so the word means "beset by woe."
  • glade - Originally referred to a part of water not frozen over, but surrounded by ice, drawing an analogy to the same word for an opening in the woods.
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Adj.1.surrounded - confined on all sides; "a camp surrounded by enemies"; "the encircled pioneers"
enclosed - closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch"; "an enclosed yard"; "the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling"
References in classic literature ?
The Princess, who expected to be quite alone, was pleased at finding herself surrounded by a number of pretty girls, all anxious to wait on her, whilst a brilliantly-coloured parrot said the most agreeable things in the world.
I was somewhat astonished to perceive that among the number of natives that surrounded us, not a single female was to be seen.
No palisade surrounded it, for, situated as it was, in the heart of loyal Waziri, its master had anticipated no possibility of an attack in force by any enemy.
The harbour consists of a fine piece of water half surrounded by low rounded mountains of clay- slate, which are covered to the water's edge by one dense gloomy forest.
These experiences were very memorable and valuable to me -- anchored in forty feet of water, and twenty or thirty rods from the shore, surrounded sometimes by thousands of small perch and shiners, dimpling the surface with their tails in the moonlight, and communicating by a long flaxen line with mysterious nocturnal fishes which had their dwelling forty feet below, or sometimes dragging sixty feet of line about the pond as I drifted in the gentle night breeze, now and then feeling a slight vibration along it, indicative of some life prowling about its extremity, of dull uncertain blundering purpose there, and slow to make up its mind.