surveillance of disease

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Noun1.surveillance of disease - the ongoing systematic collection and analysis of data about an infectious disease that can lead to action being taken to control or prevent the disease
surveillance - close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)
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The core functions of the PHRL will be to advise the Department of Health KP on health related matters especially diagnosis and prevention of diseases and investigation of epidemics and to act as reference center for the diagnosis and surveillance of disease especially the infectious disease.
Careful surveillance of disease and infectious agent activities are crucial in monitoring CVA6-associated HFMD, onychomadesis, and neurologic diseases.
Google Trends: A web-based tool for real-time surveillance of disease outbreaks.
Substantially revised and expanded, this edition continues to examine the expansion of surveillance of disease and health determinants, as well as the recent advances in data management and informatics.
Recommendations regarding Vaccine Use and Supply include the development of strategies to eliminate financial barriers to immunization, the application of research and best practices to improve patient access, the exploration of non-traditional approaches to surveillance of disease, vaccine safety, and vaccine coverage.
On the representational front CACDS achieved results in such diverse areas as the development of a more evolved role for pharmacy practice, the establishment of defined roles for the sector in emergency responses to crises and the surveillance of disease outbreaks, the creation of protocols for regular meetings with Health Canada, and heavy and successful involvement in health care reform, national pharmacy care and drug scheduling issues.
An important distinction needs to be made at the outset among the various types of data needed for surveillance of disease outcomes resulting from tobacco use.
As the assays are sensitive and quantitative, they have the potential to be used not only in the treatment of individuals, but also in eradication programmes, such as those advocated by the London 2020 accord, enabling the surveillance of disease re/emergence.
Electronic surveillance of disease states: a preliminary study in electronic detection of respiratory diseases in a primary care setting.
Cojengo Ltd., a UK-based commercial partner, will assess additional functions of the app, such as passive surveillance of disease for regional animal health reporting and its potential to improve the delivery of veterinary drug information.
The FELTP, supported by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, US, is working with the provincial government to strengthen surveillance of diseases and response to outbreaks.

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