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In short, powerful actors are creating the most intrusive surveillance society in history.
Others examine the way in which mobile phones and big data have created a surveillance society that relentlessly competes for our ever more fragmented attention spans.
Citizen Spies: The Long Rise of America's Surveillance Society
Geldof, who had his first hit in 1977 and is now 65, slammed surveillance society culture and urged people to unite and ignore politicians, imams and priests.
The first four articles present and discuss the research results developed as part of the project, Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society, according to the four project themes mentioned earlier.
At first glance, the arms appeared to be meticulously naturalistic, but on closer inspection the clothing and skin of one was revealed to have the same surface texture as the accompanying camera, down to the device's small control pads--raising the question of who, in a surveillance society, can escape becoming an extension of its operations.
This ingenious reframing of the thriller gives the novel added depth and complexity, making it not just a clever and highly literary variation on the genre but also a meditation on the advent of what has come to be known as the surveillance society.
The movie focuses on an evil businessman who wants to create a tough surveillance society in Middlesbrough that will rob youngsters of their freedom.
Mr Wizner gave a keynote address to a conference at Cardiff University which forms part of a major research project on Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society.
If it wants to create a surveillance society, it should do it by law rather than through a sneaky change in regulations.
As it is known, the surveillance society genesis was strikingly described by Michel Foucault in his work Discipline and Punish (1975).
One salient feature of the information society is that this society is inherently a surveillance society (Lyon, 2001), which created a panoptic effect (D'Urso, 2006).
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