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n. Electronics
The imaginary part of the complex representation of admittance.

[(electric) suscept(ibility), a measure of the ease of polarization of a dielectric + -ance.]


(General Physics) physics the imaginary component of the admittance
[C19: from suscept(ibility) + -ance]


(səˈsɛp təns)

(in electricity) the imaginary component of admittance, equal to the quotient of the negative of the reactance divided by the sum of the squares of the reactance and resistance.
[1905–10; suscept (ibility) + -ance]
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ki] the transfer conductance and susceptance between bus k and bus i respectively.
The proposed power resolution is based on the separation of load current into orthogonal components as active, reactive, scattered conductance, scattered susceptance, unbalanced conductance and unbalanced susceptance currents, which are all related to the conductance and susceptance parameters of the load.
ij]: ith row and jth column element of nodal susceptance matrix at the internal nodes after eliminated all physical buses, in pu [H.
The L-S admittance of the device is resolved into real and imaginary parts to obtain the L-S negative conductance (G(f)) and corresponding susceptance (B(f)) as functions of frequency (since [Y.
By using the polar form of voltages and the corresponding conductance G and susceptance B from the admittance matrix, it is possible to obtain the voltage (V) - currents ([I.
Static Var Compensator (SVC) is an early type of the shunt connected FACTS devices, which controls its connection point voltage by adjusting its susceptance in order to supply or absorb the reactive power.
0] denote the susceptance of the cross-shaped aperture and the characteristic admittance respectively [15].
In second step, two single band M/Ns can be converted into the dual-band M/N by the compliance of reactance and susceptance at the single band M/N.
The interpolation is applied to the susceptance [b.
C is the capacitance between the microstrip feed line and the patch elements, and gr and br are the patch end radiation conductance and susceptance, respectively.