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Noun1.sushi bar - a bar where sushi is served
bar - a counter where you can obtain food or drink; "he bought a hot dog and a coke at the bar"
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Al Maryah Island's 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant has introduced a nine-course Natsu tasting menu for the summer.
Shogun was New Orleans's first sushi bar, and only the second restaurant to serve sushi at all.
With options like Mediterranean, Italian, North Indian and Continental to choose from, the outlet offers Sushi bar with a variety of vegetarian and non- vegetarian Sushi.
Inspired by the inner market of Tsukiji, Ooma Sushi Bar's vibes mirror the look of their other stores but accentuated with wooden slabs on the wall, plastic crates and very cute wall art.
Head off to the new Watami Grill and Sushi Bar that is set to open on May 12 at Uptown Mall in BGC.
A hand-drawn sketch included with the documents shows parts of the space marked for a sushi bar, a wine bar and a kitchen.
The rest of this darkly comic Norwegian novel tracks his pursuit of redemption despite his indecision, building up to an unexpected encounter in a sushi bar.
Tucked away in a cosy corner in the urban heart of Zurich-Oerlikon, Kai Sushi Bar is immediately warm and welcoming.
The first sushi restaurant to open in Lebanon since the Civil War, Le Sushi Bar began life on Monnot Street in 1998 but can now be found on Abdel-Wahab.
KEN OHLINGER is the new chef at the Aerie Restaurant, Lounge and Sushi Bar. Ohlinger most recently worked at Devil's Thumb Ranch in Winter Park, Colo.
But that's exactly what East Wenatchee's Wasabi Sushi Bar owner Mai Maytrychit was thinking during a visit to Leavenworth last winter.