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1. Serving or tending to suspend or temporarily stop something.
2. Characterized by or causing suspense.

sus·pen′sive·ly adv.
sus·pen′sive·ness n.
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1. having the power of deferment; effecting suspension
2. causing, characterized by, or relating to suspense
3. inclined to defer judgment; undecided
susˈpensively adv
susˈpensiveness n
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(səˈspɛn sɪv)

1. pertaining to or characterized by suspension.
2. having the effect of suspending the operation of something.
3. undecided in mind.
4. pertaining to, characterized by, or expressing suspense.
sus•pen′sive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.suspensive - (of a situation) characterized by or causing suspense
tense - in or of a state of physical or nervous tension
2.suspensive - undecided or characterized by indecisiveness
indecisive - characterized by lack of decision and firmness; "an indecisive manager brought the enterprise to a standstill"
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'The said deputies would like to remind you that this ...appeal is the work of a public authority, in its prerogatives of public powers and its mission of public services,' they wrote, noting 'an appeal in cassation has no suspensive effect except in cases brought by the public authorities, by virtue of their prerogatives of public authority'.
The transaction was carried out via its subsidiary Nafta Bavaria GmbH from DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG and Storengy Deutschland GmbH, the SITA newswire reported.Nafta signed the share sale contract with DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG concerning the acquisition of underground tanks of natural gas at the beginning of March 2018."The transaction came into effect on December 31, 2018, after all suspensive conditions were fulfilled and the needed regulative permissions were obtained," the company informed, as quoted by SITA.
If the agreement is ratified in Parliament, he says, the president is entitled to a suspensive veto and then, if the agreement is ratified for a second time, to a pocket veto.
According to sex chromosomal FISH results, embryos were classified as normal signal, no nuclei fixed, no signal in fixed nuclei, suspensive signal, and abnormal signal groups, respectively.
The detailed analysis of the suspensive veto provided in chapter 6 may be of special interest to Canadian reformers.
Consideration is payable 50% in cash on fulfillment of initial conditions precedent and 50% on fulfilment of final suspensive conditions including the regulatory approvals by the South African government.
In contracts to sell, where ownership is retained by the seller and is not to pass until the full payment, such payment, as we said, is a positive suspensive condition, the failure of which is not a breach, casual or serious, but simply an event that prevented the obligation of the vendor to convey title from acquiring binding force.
Critique: A suspensive thriller of a read from beginning to end, "Dark Road, Dead End" documents novelist Philip Cioffari as a master storyteller of the first order.
The deal was finalised in mid-July, but was subject to suspensive condition.
She said in Rio de Janeiro: "CAS may order the appeal to have a suspensive effect."