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intr.v. sus·pired, sus·pir·ing, sus·pires
1. To breathe: "And from that one intake of fire / All creatures still warmly suspire" (Robert Frost).
2. To sigh.

[Middle English suspiren, to sigh, from Old French, from Latin suspīrāre : sub-, from below; see sub- + spīrāre, to breathe.]

sus′pi·ra′tion (sŭs′pə-rā′shən) n.
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suspired," and which, at dusk, draws all light back into its "still and insatiable aperture," the spring from which Ike and the cow drink water:
Then I crossed the threshold of a bedroom, upstairs, and in an opened closet hung a massive camel-hair topcoat, swaying almost imperceptibly in whatever breath suspired throughout that house.