sustained yield

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sus·tained yield

The continuing yield of a biological resource, such as timber, by controlled periodic harvesting.
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Fed's Bullard said the Fed must take a sustained yield curve inversion seriously, in today's comments.
The withdrawal of federal lands from private claiming and titling began with the General Revision Act of 1891 and continued with the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 and subsequent legislation, including the Multiple Use, Sustained Yield Act of 1960 and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976.
Specify materials harvested on a sustained yield basis such as lumber from third-party certified forests.
In its new resource management plans, the BLM already set aside three-quarters of the O&C land base - lands that reverted to federal management after being granted to the defunct Oregon & California Railroad - from sustained yield management.
A year after I presented a paper at the Southeast Deer Study Group on a maximum sustained yield model for whitetails, Dale published his book using data from the George Reserve in Michigan.
Equally questionable, she said, is the agency's decision to depart from the multiple-use and sustained yield mandate enshrined in its organic act.
Thereby, the book offers lessons of relevance to the management of ecosystems such as forests, rangelands and wetlands, which often relies on rules of thumb derived from equilibrium ecology, such as carrying capacity in rangeland management and sustained yield in forestry that have been shown to produce regressive ecological and social consequences.
I hope that all current old-growth forests remain free of unnatural disturbance, that all forests with potential to attain old-growth qualities be managed by restoration ecologists, that forests incapable of being managed for restoration be managed in a sustained yield strategy to meet the legitimate needs of our society.
Indonesia's marine sustained yield is US$1.2 billion a year, Indonesia's Antara news agency quoted marine and fishery professor Rochmin Dahuri as saying last week.
In 1960, as many people began to place greater value on other amenities that the forests provide, Congress enacted the Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act "to authorize and direct that the national forests be managed under principles of multiple use and to produce a sustained yield of products and services, and for other purposes." These include clean water, recreation, fishing and hunting opportunities, and fish and wildlife habitat.
Introduction of salt-tolerant variety is the realistic approach to obtain better yield under saline conditions (Ashraf et al., 2008; Saeed et al., 2012).Number of plant traits has been found associated with sustained yield under stress conditions.