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 (sŭs′tən-tā′shən, -tĕn-)
1. Sustenance or maintenance, as with money.
2. Something that sustains; a support.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sustentātiō, sustentātiōn-, from sustentātus, past participle of sustentāre, to support; see sustentacular.]

sus′ten·ta′tive (-tā′tĭv) adj.
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a less common word for sustenance
[C14: from Latin sustentātio, from sustentāre, frequentative of sustinēre to sustain]
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(ˌsʌs tənˈteɪ ʃən)

1. maintenance in being or activity; the sustaining of life.
2. provision with means or funds for upkeep.
3. means of sustaining life; sustenance.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin sustentātiō=sustentā(re), frequentative of sustinēre to sustain + -tiō -tion]
sus•ten•ta•tive (ˈsʌs tənˌteɪ tɪv, səˈstɛn tə tɪv) adj.
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Noun1.sustentation - the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistencesustentation - the act of sustaining life by food or providing a means of subsistence; "they were in want of sustenance"; "fishing was their main sustainment"
support - the activity of providing for or maintaining by supplying with money or necessities; "his support kept the family together"; "they gave him emotional support during difficult times"
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(as it is almost everywhere at this day, except Tartary), there is no danger of inundations of people; but when there be great shoals of people, which go on to populate, without foreseeing means of life and sustentation, it is of necessity that once in an age or two, they discharge a portion of their people upon other nations; which the ancient northern people were wont to do by lot; casting lots what part should stay at home, and what should seek their fortunes.
Increase of SLA in low light conditions is directly related to the anatomical alterations that can occur in shaded plants such as thinner cuticles and epidermis, lower mesophilic thickness and lower proportion of palindromic parenchyma, conductive and sustentation tissues, higher proportion of intercellular spaces and lower stomatal density (BERLYN & CHO, 2000).
President Jean Bullock attended the Garden Clubs of Illinois 92nd Convention in Lisle, and received our club's 13 awards for Blue Star Memorial Landscaping, Civic Concern, Butterfly Sustentation, Club Achievement, Horticulture and others.
The mechanical forces induced on this system through the sustentation of body weight and the practice of the physical exercise can exert an anabolic influence.
The upshot, then, is that at the level of psycho-behavioral modalities thinking and behaving incorporative of the sustentation of selves of biogenetic commonality relative to nonhuman organisms and human organisms of lesser biogenetic commonality that oppose African life individually and culturally [and perennially historically] is the final arbiter of mental health.
A la lumiere de ce passage, qui constitue le debut du roman, on peut entrevoir le fait que le personnage qui entre dans le nouveau systeme de pensee, en passant par la mer, n'a pas de base de sustentation prealable qui pourrait lui servir de point d'attache.
La politique de sustentation des troupes pour qu'elles ne meurent pas, faire plaisir au maximum pour faire bonne figure reviendrait a fragiliser davantage cette frange de la societe et la maintenir dans la mediocrite qui, comme chacun le sait, est l'ennemie de l'art.
The integral theory suggests sustentation of the mid-urethra (the anterior vaginal wall along the arcus tendineous, and the vaginal cuff along the uterosacral "neoligament") will prevent a lax vaginal membrane, which will cure OAB and/or urge incontinence symptoms.
PPAR[beta]/[delta] represses VSMC proliferation, migration by sustentation of extra cellular matrix, suppression of apoptosis, and attenuation of senescence through increasing antioxidant enzyme genes and inhibiting inflammation [39,40] (Table 1).
Difficulty thresholds were determined according to the sustentation polygon of each participant (Figure 2(c)).