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 (sŭs′tən-tā′shən, -tĕn-)
1. Sustenance or maintenance, as with money.
2. Something that sustains; a support.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin sustentātiō, sustentātiōn-, from sustentātus, past participle of sustentāre, to support; see sustentacular.]

sus′ten·ta′tive (-tā′tĭv) adj.


1. (Physiology) physiol relating to sustentation
2. sustaining
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31402098), Young Talents Training Program of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Science, MATS-Beef Cattle System, the Sustentative Research Project of China Ministry of Science and Technology under Grant No.
"You're seeing some small step-by-step improvements and efficiencies but you're really not seeing some of the major sustentative changes that some of the critics of the process have been calling for," he said in an interview.