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1. Hinduism Any of various aphoristic doctrinal summaries produced for memorization generally between 500 and 200 bc and later incorporated into Hindu literature.
2. also sut·ta (so͝ot′ə) Buddhism A scriptural narrative, especially a text traditionally regarded as a discourse of the Buddha.

[Sanskrit sūtram, thread, sutra; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]


(Buddhism) a Buddhist scripture
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This Buddhist attitude to nature is enumerated in several of the Buddha's discourses, such as the "Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta", "Samyutta Nikaya", "Vinaya Pitaka", " Dhammapada", and "Theri Gatha".
Reminding us that he is speculating, he finds "strong devotional elements in this sutta," but is careful to add that this is "not emotional bhakti" (p.
Melody was only 19 and fresh from high school when she joined the group with Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Roberts, Kimberly Wyatt and Jessica Sutta.
Alternative asset management firm Crayhill Capital Management LP, specializing in private credit investments, has announced the appointment of Sloan Sutta as Managing Director, the company said.
However, the Keys north of the island bore the full brunt of Irma's fury--CBS Miami reporter David Sutta described it as a "war zone."
This is evident in the Talaputa Sutta, where the Buddha says that actors and comedians would find it very difficult to enter the Path.
'Maar le sutta' and breathe fresh life into your listless existence.
She told The Blast that Kaya is "clearly looking for her 15 minutes"and insisted the singer was only on trial and never actually anofficial member of the group, which Nicole Scherzinger and MelodyThornton joined in 2003 alongside Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts,Jessica Sutta and Kimberly Wyatt.
"Best word I could say is war zone," (http:// tweeted CBS Miami reporter David Sutta while looking at the aftermath in the Keys Monday.
There's a line in the Metta Sutta, a traditional Buddhist text, that says: By not clinging to fixed views, the pure-hearted one is not born again into this world.
After celebrating their big day with two wedding ceremonies, one in Morocco and one in Turkey, Iman and Murat's gorgeous honeymoon was documented in a music video by Pussycat Dolls singer J Sutta and American rapper Pitpull .
On the West Coast, for example, the price for OCC rose from $120 per ton last spring to about $150 a ton this summer, according to Steve Sutta, CEO of The Sutta Co., a recycling and sustainability firm providing services to corporate clients.