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a. The process of joining two surfaces or edges together along a line by sewing.
b. The material, such as thread, gut, or wire, that is used in this procedure.
c. The line or stitch so formed.
2. Medicine
a. The fine thread or other material used surgically to close a wound or join tissues.
b. The stitch so formed.
3. Anatomy The line of junction or an immovable joint between two bones, especially of the skull.
4. Biology A seamlike joint or line of articulation, such as the line of dehiscence in a dry fruit or the spiral seam marking the junction of whorls of a gastropod shell.
tr.v. su·tured, su·tur·ing, su·tures
To join by means of sutures or a suture.

[Middle English, from Latin sūtūra, from sūtus, past participle of suere, to sew; see syū- in Indo-European roots.]

su′tur·al adj.
su′tur·al·ly adv.
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Noun1.suturing - surgical joining of two surfaces
surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process, surgery, operation - a medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body; "they will schedule the operation as soon as an operating room is available"; "he died while undergoing surgery"
sewing, stitching - joining or attaching by stitches
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This trend will drive higher volumes of both open and minimally invasive procedures, generating greater sales of suturing devices.
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Although all kinds of sutures are applied to the clinic, the clinical effect is different up to now, there is no good suture to suture the rupture of the Achilles tendon.3 Considering whether a method is superior to other methods, it is necessary to first see that it is suturing the strength of the broken end of the tendon, and the second kind of suture has less interference with the Achilles tendon tissue.
launch of the ProxiSure Suturing Device, an advanced laparoscopic suturing device featuring Ethicon endomechanical, suture, and curved needle technologies.
(3) Majority of women undergoing vaginal deliveries will experience some form of perineal trauma requiring suturing.
On the basis of product type the APAC absorbable and non-absorbable sutures market is segmented into automated suturing devices and sutures segments.
All the patients underwent suturing in minor operating theater of trauma centre CMH Rawalpindi as day care cases, under local anesthesia and aseptic measures.
In the present study, we aimed to report a rather easy suturing method to compress the lower uterine.
B-Lynch suturing technique is used for massive postpartum hemorrhage, Christopher B-Lynch was the first to highlight this revolutionary principle1.
In group-A, cystotomy wound was closed in one layer by simple continues suturing pattern, in group-B, closure was made in two layers by simple continues and lembert suturing pattern and in group-C, cystomy incision was closed by one layer simple continues suturing pattern and two layers of inverting suturing patterns.