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 (so͞o′zər-ən, -zə-rān′)
1. A nation that controls another nation in international affairs but allows it domestic sovereignty.
2. A feudal lord to whom fealty was due.

[French, from Old French suserain : probably sus, up (from Latin sūrsum, sūsum, upward, from *subsvorsum, turned upward : subs-, sub-, from under; see sub- + vorsum, neuter of vorsus, variant of versus, past participle of vertere, to turn; see versus) + souverein, sovereign; see sovereign.]

su′ze·rain adj.
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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy)
a. a state or sovereign exercising some degree of dominion over a dependent state, usually controlling its foreign affairs
b. (as modifier): a suzerain power.
2. (Historical Terms)
a. a feudal overlord
b. (as modifier): suzerain lord.
[C19: from French, from sus above (from Latin sursum turned upwards, from sub- up + vertere to turn) + -erain, as in souverain sovereign]
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(ˈsu zə rɪn, -ˌreɪn)

1. a sovereign or a state exercising political control over a dependent state.
2. a feudal overlord.
3. characteristic of or being a suzerain.
[1800–10; < French, =sus above (< Latin sūsum, variant of sursum, contraction of subversum, neuter of subversus upturned; see sub-, verse) + (souv)erain sovereign]
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Noun1.suzerain - a state exercising a degree of dominion over a dependent state especially in its foreign affairs
body politic, country, nation, res publica, commonwealth, state, land - a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
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[ˈsuːzəreɪn] N (= state) → estado m protector; (= sovereign) → monarca mf protector(a)
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Among these suzerains of chateaux and belfries, the most powerful, the richest, and the most popular, was M.
We encourage the present government to continue in its efforts to reduce the illiteracy rate in the country particularly the North, bridge the gap between the plebeian majority and microscopic suzerains which has endeared President Buhari to the Northern masses and of course provide employment and also foster a climate of transparent colloquy among the centrifugal tendencies in the North and the country in caboodle.
Under feudalism and slavery, suzerains and plantation owners grew enormously wealthy from the unremunerated work of serfs and slaves.
La VAR, utilisation de la video pour assister l'arbitrage, a montre le veritable dessein de la Fifa: des dribles pour obeir aux suzerains et des passes pour canaliser les flux d'argent.
Over time, these kingly men compacted with one another, repudiated the lofty principles of their nations birth, acquired rule over most of the landmass of the United States, and finally aspired to install themselves as permanent suzerains over a great empire, whether with the American Union or outside of it, it mattered not to them, except as a question of expediency.
'PML-N will bring forward ideological leaders from middle class [in general polls 2018] instead of contemporary suzerains. Those contemporary landlords who are raising slogans of news province in southern area of Punjab have always preferred their interests over masses', stated the charged leader.
The first attempts to make sense of both oral and colonial records to trace the claims of the Luca elite to political and cultural-ritual centrality, including claims to be traditional suzerains of neighbouring realms, and even major parts of East Timor.
Nor were the chief actors any longer semi-feudal suzerains, but monarchs and their ministers wrapped in the full institutional panoply of coherent states.
least notionally suzerains of Germany and Vienna--twice the site where
In recent centuries, Kurds straddled the frontier between the Ottoman and Safavid Empires, often fighting against fellow Kurds on behalf of their respective suzerains.