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adj. svelt·er, svelt·est
Slender or graceful in figure or outline; slim.

[French, from Italian svelto, from past participle of svellere, to stretch out, from Vulgar Latin *exvellere, from Latin ēvellere : ē-, ex-, ex- + vellere, to pull.]

svelte′ly adv.
svelte′ness n.
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(ˈsvɛltnəs; ˈsfɛltnəs)
the quality of being svelte
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It's a four cylinder, so not as silky smooth as a six-pot and you can hear the revs building which rather decreases the overall svelteness of the experience.
The junction losses have a sizeable effect on optimized geometry when a dimensionless parameter called svelteness, defined by the ratio between the external and internal length scales, is lower than the square root of 10 [35].
It's sold on its svelteness, but for the amount of power you're getting, the new Macbook's starting price is expensive even by Apple's standards and with this iterative power boost.